Official Documents

AEA Members,

Every five years we are required to review our documents to ensure they are in keeping with our practice and process. A committee chaired by Marie Hannon including Wendy Waterman, Gwynn Moore, and Amy Nichols reviewed our language and submitted proposed changes to both the AEA Board and AR Council. Both governing bodies approved and recommended the proposed amendments to a vote of the General Membership.

An all-member meeting was held on March 22nd to answer any questions. Below you will find the proposed amendments to the AEA Constitution. Those items proposed for deletion are struck-through, and those proposed for addition are double-underlined.

Changes involve aligning terms for officers and board of directors, adding a board seat for K-8 buildings, and cleaning up language. Should you have additional questions you can contact Bruce Wilcox,  AEA President.

The AEA Documents provide the structure and guidance for the optimal running of the organization. The various parts of the AEA Documents are defined as follows:


Is the formal basic foundation document of the organization, provisions of which are general in nature.
Is the property of the general membership and may be amended only by a 2/3rd vote of those voting in a special election four weeks after proposed amendments have been submitted and approved by the AR Council at a regular meeting.


Amplify the provisions in the Constitution.Give specific details regarding the operation of the association.
Are the property of the AR Council and may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting of the AR Council when the proposed amendments have been sent to Association Representatives two weeks prior.

Standing Rules

Spell out in even greater detail the specific practices dealing with the governance of the organization.
Are the property of the AR Council and may be amended by a majority vote of the AR Council.