Knowledge Is Power

We know that educators’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.
AEA works on behalf of members and educators to ensure our district provides the schools that Aurora Public School students deserve. To review all AEA-negotiated contracts, as well as other important agreements, click on the links, below. For information on educational resources AEA members can access to improve their professional skills, scroll down for additional links.

AEA Resources:

AEA-APS Master Agreement (your contract!)
AEA Constitution & Bylaws
AEA Representative Council meeting minutes (contact your in-building Association Representative, or “AR”)
Salary Schedule

Other Important Resources:

Extracurricular Activities Salary Schedule

Extra Pay for Extra Duty
Permission to Allow Electronic Recording

Professional Development & Salary Growth

ESS Access Caucus

COpilot has your back when you’re ready to take your professional skills and salary to the next level.
Dues-paying AEA members have access to CEA’s COpilot offerings. 
All online. Led by union members across CO. Many available for transcript credit from $100/credit.
Professional Learning Grants

Commonly Used APS Resources (external links)

Infinite Campus Login
Enrich Login
APS Google Drive (APS login required)
All District Forms
Absence Reporting
Assorted Instructional Resources
RANDA Evaluation Tool