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AEA members are committed to excellence in education and advocate for quality teaching and learning for every student in the district. Teachers are the district’s most valuable asset and make a difference every day through their dedication to provide students the highest quality education. AEA works to ensure that policies and practices at the school and district levels reflect the values and beliefs of our members. AEA represents its members in contract negotiations, including wages, hours, and conditions of employment and when necessary by filing grievances to address individual and group employee concerns. AEA also represents members through communication with district level leadership, school board members, and through representation on district committees. We are focused on providing members excellent representation to ensure a great teaching experience and an opportunity to positively impact the lives of students attending the Aurora Public Schools.

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We want our member teachers in Aurora to be able to share ideas and concerns with each other in a safe secure way. We have set-up a Community Blog that is password protected so registered AEA members can post ideas, comments, concerns. or questions, and get responses.

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association1 day ago

Members: If you are going to participate in the action on Friday please make sure to let CEA know you are coming by responding to the appropriate link: April 26: http://bit.ly/April262018 or April 27 http://bit.ly/April272018

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association3 days ago

Thank You AEA BoD for the special session this afternoon. Members please check your emails later this evening.

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association5 days ago

Congrats to our member Stephanie Walsh on being named Colorado Civics Educator of the Year. Stephanie has brought her passion for civics to AEA in participating in lobby day and attending our bargaining sessions. We know this honor is well deserved!

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association6 days ago

Murphy Creek Wearing Red for Public Ed! #classroomsnotcorporations #protectPERA

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association7 days ago

Members, WALK IN NOT OUT!!

There are several activities going on around the State on April 26th and 27th around PERA legislation and School funding. We know that several districts have decided to close or not have student contact that day.

Our (AEA’s) board of directors met to address and discuss these activities. The AEA board voted not to participate in walk outs, instead supporting walk in’s. Today Bruce Wilcox and Sara Fitouri met with APS district leadership. The District leadership does not believe it is in the best interest of our community to close schools.

We want to make it clear that AEA is not participating in any type of walk out.

There are several factors in this decision: first and foremost is the impact on our community and students. The second factor is our Master Agreement, Article 4 – No Strike includes language that says; no strike, sanction, picketing, picket-line observance, slowdown or other concerted activity, including any activity that impairs the classroom performance of employees, while this Agreement is in effect.

WE ARE: Planning on doing walk-ins at all buildings. A walk in is an activity where teachers meet at a central location at the school 15 minutes BEFORE THE DUTY DAY and then walk into the building TOGETHER at the start of the duty day. It is a sign of solidarity and does not interrupt learning. Wear RED!! Take pictures and e-mail them to cforbes@coloradoea.org to post on Facebook and Twitter.

If you, as an individual want to participate in an action at the capital, then we encourage you to take a personal day. Keep in mind that per contract, there can only be 30 teachers on special leave (personal days) on any one day. If more than 30 teachers apply for special leave on any one day then the first 30 who apply will be approved and all others denied.

MAKE SURE your day is approved before you take the day.

Please understand that if you chose to walk out, you are subject to the normal disciplinary actions that the district sees fit to impose.

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