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AEA members are committed to excellence in education and advocate for quality teaching and learning for every student in the district. Teachers are the district’s most valuable asset and make a difference every day through their dedication to provide students the highest quality education. AEA works to ensure that policies and practices at the school and district levels reflect the values and beliefs of our members. AEA represents its members in contract negotiations, including wages, hours, and conditions of employment and when necessary by filing grievances to address individual and group employee concerns. AEA also represents members through communication with district level leadership, school board members, and through representation on district committees. We are focused on providing members excellent representation to ensure a great teaching experience and an opportunity to positively impact the lives of students attending the Aurora Public Schools.

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Community of Aurora Teachers
A New Community for Aurora Teachers

We want our member teachers in Aurora to be able to share ideas and concerns with each other in a safe secure way. We have set-up a Community Blog that is password protected so registered AEA members can post ideas, comments, concerns. or questions, and get responses.

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association1 day ago

In Aurora we have so many unique and diverse students. Each of them deserve a meaningful amount of time in order to be able to prepare for their education. What we have right now is not enough! Our students deserve time! #AEAUnionStrong

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association3 days ago

We owe it to our students to make sure they have the best education possible. Shouldn’t we make sure our teachers have more than 51 seconds of prep time per learner? Our students deserve time! #AEAUnionStrong

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association4 days ago

Wheeling and Crawford walking in today as well! We are with you Denver Classroom Teachers Association – DCTA! Are you wearing red today in solidarity? Post a picture in the comments!

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association4 days ago

Educators at Hinkley and Clyde Miller “walked in” to their schools today in solidarity with our union family in Denver. DCTA is on the verge of a strike over fair compensation. AEA supports you! #DCTAStrong #AEAUnionStrong

Aurora Education Association

Aurora Education Association7 days ago

AEA Board wearing their #RedForEd at tonights board meeting. Stay strong #ULTA and #DCTA we are with you. #faircontract #NOW #strike #schoolsourstudentsdeserve✊🏼

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