For New Teachers

For New Teachers

Welcome to Our Profession

You have chosen a wonderful career. Very few professions are as challenging or as critically important as teaching.

As a teacher, you will spend your days with other people’s children and guide them through their public school years. You have the power to make a huge difference for every child you meet and teach.

We’re teachers too, and we know that the first few years of your career are key to your decision to remain in teaching. This information will help you succeed this year and belonging to our Association – and engaging in your Local Association’s activities — will help you make your career a success.

Between the first day and the last day of your career as a public school educator, we’re here for you. We hope you will belong to our Association all along the way.

Tips for New Teachers

Teacher Training  10-tips-for-new-teachers-expect-to-make-hideous-mistakes-etc/2011/09/18/gIQADk96dK_blog.html Seven Deadly Sins of school employees