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At AEA we know that in order to achieve real results for students we need to ensure that every student has a quality teacher and that teachers have the ability to provide a 21st Century Education so that students can compete in the global economy. In order for our members to be successful in getting real results they need access to professional development opportunities and resources.teacher with students

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  • Is NCTQ litigious? September 18, 2014
    Americans increasingly agree that the gateway into teaching ought to be a whole lot tougher. Findings released this week from Gallup/ PDK's annual education poll indicate that six in ten Americans recognize that entry standards into teacher preparation aren't rigorous enough. Fully eight in ten think teachers should have to pass some sort of bar […]
  • Taking a look at charter schools operated by schools of education September 18, 2014
    A news article some months ago about a charter school operated by the School of Education at the University of California, Davis led us to ask "How many education schools operate charter schools, and how do the students in those charter schools fare?” We were only able to identify four charter schools operated by education […]
  • A review of Elizabeth Green's "Building A Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone)" September 18, 2014
    Along with Tom Loveless,Robert Pondiscio and David Steiner, count me among those who are less than enchanted by Elizabeth Green’s new book. The journalist — who did such a fine job as a blogger about New York City education issues — has definitely written an engaging book. Unfortunately, it is in the service of a weak theory […]
  • Zooming in on classroom management in The Teacher Prep Review June 30, 2014
    No matter how well a teacher knows her stuff, if she doesn't know how to bring order to a classroom and manage student behavior little actual learning may occur.  The results from the Classroom Management Standard in this year's Teacher Prep Review show just how little training many new teachers receive. The Classroom Management Standard […]
  • Time to STEM the tide June 27, 2014
    You can’t teach what you don’t know — that’s what makes teacher prep critical. Yet when it comes to science and mathematics (STEM), very few elementary teacher candidates are required to complete coursework ensuring they are knowledgeable. The findings from the Elementary Mathematics and Elementary Content standards in Teacher Prep Review 2014 paint a grim picture of STEM […]

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NEA works with researchers, educators, and policymakers to assure a qualified, competent, caring educator in every public school classroom in the United States. NEA is committed to teacher quality in every critical component of the teacher development continuum, including

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