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We have started a “private” teachers community blog which is accessible only by AEA member teachers.
There are limitless way to use this blog to share ideas, questions, concerns, and successes.

  • Post homework ideas
  • Discuss classroom management
  • Suggest ways to use Parent Volunteers
  • Suggest ways to use Para-pros
  • Discuss administration changes
  • Ask other teachers for advice
  • Discuss time management
  • Ask others for creative ideas
  • It’s your forum, use it.

Go to the Community Blog page and log-in.
ID: pick out a user name. Your Password will be emailed to you. The office will check to make sure you are a current member.

If your cell phone number does not work try your home phone number.
If you have trouble accessing the blog, email admin@auroraea.org
or call the office at (303) 696-6265