What we believe

The Aurora Education Association

Why We Are Successful:
We accomplish our goals through honest, frank communication between district leadership, policy makers, the education community and our members and through the democratic process within the AEA. We are a powerful and viable organization because of the strength and integrity of our membership.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to empower licensed educators to advocate for students and themselves in order to provide quality education, professional excellence, and economic security.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to be an exemplary organization working together as powerful professionals. Through solidarity we are a collaborative and proactive association. We are unified by our strengths and commitment to advocacy for children and empowerment of our members.

Our Values:
We believe every child has the right to a Great Public School where they receive a high quality education from dedicated, highly trained teachers in a safe, caring environment.

We believe the best educational policies and practices are developed when practicing teachers have a significant role in their development.

We believe what teachers know and can do has the greatest influence on student success.

We believe recruiting, preparing and retaining quality teachers is the central strategy for improving our schools.

We believe school reform cannot succeed unless it focuses on creating the conditions in which teachers can teach and students can learn.

We believe investing in quality teaching requires funding schools at a level which will enable success.

We believe education associations should be involved in school reform.